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Break Point!

February 3, 2011

After two days of rigging, skinning and animating. The Nadal serve animation is complete.

Time to take a break now with beer and cake!

  1. pradipta permalink

    very nice!
    i was into pro tennis for a long time so i felt nice to see yo did such a accurate animation of nadals serve 🙂 i would like to see now fed-ex’s serve from you as well,


  2. How kind of you to say thanks. The rig was limited but I’m glad I still got that weird flat angle just before he brings the racquet forward.

  3. Sim permalink

    hi, nice animation 🙂 was it for gameloft? I am trying for a job there and am curious if you got the position.

  4. Hi Sim,
    Thanks for the compliments. It was for those guys in Madrid yeah, and they seemed to like my test and my following interview. Unfortunately though, their recruitment process was too long for my schedule and after a few months of talks I had to withdraw my application due to other commitments and settle in London again. So I will never know what their decision was to be because they take so long to make one! Good luck though.

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