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Co-Founder/Director of

Teaser good

Masters of Pie’s teaser trailer for our upcoming short film entitled ‘The Olympians’


Release the Cracker!


The channel 4 funded/Big Robot produced game Fallen City has been released. I created character models/rigs and over 50 animation clips for the game.

Go play it here:

It’s a cracker!


Super Fast concept paint of my Hell Commander Minion.  (using ZBrush symmetry tools and playing around with Neville Page’s Gnomon Workshop Technique)  Not bad for a first effort, look forward to knocking up a few more using this method.


Here is my entry for E4’s E-Sting Comp.  Took 6 days start to finish so a bit of a rush job but I’m reasonably happy with it.

Low res animated version link:

Development Hell

Digital concept painting  for my in-development graphic novel series set in Hell (An ongoing personal project). Featuring an old and  bitter Boris the Rectifier protecting the first human child ever born in the underworld.  

Inspector Spectre Vector

Morning doodling vector drawing. 

gobling king

Quick concept paint for a bejewelled Zulu Goblin King enjoying the spoils of war.